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What in the hell is happening in Venus?

Hey guys! Long time no speak (or drops) but please don't hold that against me lol It's Kash, The Super Nova Gal aka the Owner of Girls From Planet Venus. I've been wanting to get back into blogging and talking to the Venus fam on a more personal level. 

Let us begin.

Ms. Rona, police brutality and simply the uncertainty of times we're living in definitely had me shook (plus drained) and made me begin to lack with GFV. Even with the recent success of sorta going viral (Watch me talk about it here ) and me knocking my goals for 2020 out of the park, I felt so selfish about wanting to release clothes and start working on fall and winter, knowing how our economy is doing (in addition to the unknown of the second wave of Rona)

I still work full time and work on GFV when I get home in addition to being a daughter, a friend and a significant other. I tell people all the time "A work-life balance is a myth, it's only for the rich" lol I have little to no time to just be me, Kashira, without the other titles. Lately my therapist and I have been focusing on self care/putting myself first and creating a routine to make some sort of balance a reality. With everything being closed and restricted, it made me realize my forms of self care all center around money (an overkill of treatyoself ) and being in different settings with my thoughts. 

I've been taking everything day by day, still finding the motivation to make amazing colorful clothing. I'm working! lol I promise I am. But due to Covid and some much needed self care, things are moving slower in Venus. 

But slow and steady wins the race, right?

- Super Nova Gal


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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