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*sing it with me* This could be the START! of something NEWWWWW.

Hey guys. It’s thee Super Nova Gal coming to you live from the new and improved GFV blog & website. Cool right? Here on Blog GFV you can find a new post every month on topics like a latest release, BTS, customer spotlights, current events relating to GFV, anything the brand is featured in, etc. 

In today’s blog post, I’m going to get you guys a little more acquainted with GFV, the creator and the mission. The mission is to make women feel confident, colorful and comfortable in the pieces during daily activities. From running errands to classes to work, GFV has on-the-go-girls covered. The creator (me, the Super Nova Gal) is a young woman who embodies GFV. An extremely busy, on-the-go-girl, always at an event, work etc. My style is tomboy mixed with a little spice girl, but one thing I’m big on is looking original, stylish, cute and comfortable. I started GFV because I couldn’t comfortably shop online. Everything looks the same and what doesn’t look the same isn’t in my tax bracket (and one thing I do well is mind my tax bracket, ok?) I wanted to make spunky original pieces for girls like me. Girls who want a simple sweatshirt but a bright color with a cool design. A nice T shirt but throw some rhinestones on that bih. That’s me. So I created GFV to bring you “out of this world “designs on everyday pieces. (you get it, out of this world? Venus?) Nothing super trendy but things you can still wear daily. I’m one year and some change into having a clothing business and as challenging as it is, I love every part of it. The designing to the anticipation of the arrival, the crazy photoshoots then getting the packages into your hands. I love it here lol and I wanted to share more of the love of my process with you. Thus, the GFV Blog. 

Stay tuned for Out of this World sh*t.

- Super Nova Gal

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