Drop 1 of a 2020 vision

Welcome back to the GFV blog. Today I’m going to ask you one question: Are you out of this world?? That’s the theme for our winter drop. Out Of This World or OOTW. Out of this world could mean a bunch of different things. Is your style out of this world? Is your business out of this world? Are you, just in general out of this world? I’m 100% sure anybody that reads the GFV blog or shops with GFV is out of this world. You’ve invested into the dreams of someone else and dropped some drip into your wardrobe, that’s out of this world activity lol The goal with the drop just like every other one is color and comfort. But this drop I’m keeping you extra warm and extra cozy with the PV Spacesuit, keeping you GFV’d down with the phone case (now available for every phone make and model).

It's my birthday gift to you. To be cute, cozy, and colorful in 2020. I’m making up for not being able to participate in Christmas in Venus ☹ Everything goes on sale tomorrow @ 10AM.

For now, check out a BTS video from the photoshoot and other goodies on our social media! @grlsfrompv on IG & Twitter

BTS Vid: - Super Nova Gal


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